Sunday, April 30, 2023

April 30th - Diet Mountain Dew

Two of Spades - Diet Mountain Dew

The Dew is my favorite drink
Call it guiltiest pleasure or kink
    Though the color of ooze
    It mixes with booze
And can certainly unclog your sink

April 29th - Commerce! Industry!

Ten of Diamonds - Commerce! Industry!

People's Mantra

To what end?!
To what end?!
Shout it from the rooftops
Shout it round the bend
To what end?!
To what end?!
Shout it to a rival
Shout it to a friend
To what end?! 
To what end?!
When they say there will be progress
When the wealthy play pretend
To what end?!

April 28th - Dungeons and Dragons

Eight of Clubs - Dungeons and Dragons
My friend always plays as a ranger
Who bolts headfirst into all danger
    But she rolled a one
    Now her campaign in done
Her friends hired a funeral arranger

April 27th - Deductive Reasoning

 Seven of Clubs - Deductive Reasoning

I think; therefore,
I am.
Of course, but
When I lie
Beside you
Matching breaths,
I think of nothing.
Therefore, do I
Cease to be?

April 26th - Multi-Level Marketing Schemes

Six of Clubs - Multi-Level Marketing Schemes

Did the ends justify
Your losses?
Friends and family gone,
But you are a Commodity!
A passive income stream!
A hard body!
The ability to tranform
A penny to a corkscrew!

April 25th - Doomsday Preppers

Seven of Hearts - Doomsday Preppers

How hard it is to stock away
When we may perish in a day

April 24th - The Bronze Age

King of Clubs - The Bronze Age

Was that our Golden Age?
I used to ask myself:
Magnolia-scented days
And sticky nights
That hummed electric
That sometimes would give way
To dawn - a foreign purple light
Approaching sleepless smiles
Our fingers brushing morning dew

But those were also restless times
Of coughs and cries and sputters
Broken oaths and curses made in haste
Days in which our very chests
Would threaten to collapse
Our insides steaming, boiling over
Spirits spilling from our mouths
Our loins
Our fingers 

It was no golden age
We realize now
As women and men grown
With healthy loves
With terrible burdens
But chests that hold
Against the world's weight
And fingers that still
 - once in a great while -
Brush against the morning dew

Saturday, April 29, 2023

April 23rd - Marvel SNAP!

 Three of Spades - Marvel SNAP!

On the edge of sleep
Delaying the day's winter
I will snap once more

April 22nd - "Who's on First"

Six of Hearts - "Who's on First"
Thursday Nights on Yawkey Way
Shoes stuck to the floor
I try
To move in time to distorted
Beats from tinny speakers
Too cramped to move
In here - sweat and breath
Odors surround me
My mouth tastes of rum
Everyone here is eighteen
Including me
I don't try
To get unstuck

April 21st - Taxi Medallions

Seven of Spades - Taxi Medallions