Monday, April 30, 2018

April 30th - Steamed Hams

Nine of Spades - Steamed Hams

Steamed Hams But It's An Elizabethan Sonnet

The entrance of my lord leaves me abashed
But sated soon he’ll be by luncheon grand
Ye Gods! My special roast is turned to ash
Yet yonder dive ignites a cunning plan
(musical break)
My reckless tongue declares I’ll serve steamed clams
When Chalmers comes inquiring o’er the smoke
With ostentatious plating of Steamed Hams
I misdirect him trying not to choke
My lies proliferate beneath his gaze
I use my humdrum manner as a ballast
When Chalmers sees my kitchen all ablaze
I tell him it’s Aurora Borealis
Though Seymour you strike me an offbeat man
I must declare you steam a damn good ham

Smell you jerks later!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

April 29th - Ba'al

King of Diamonds - Ba'al

The Cult of Ba’al Hammon

In Carthage they killed children
If the Romans are to be believed
Infanticide as tribute to a god
Who from wizened hands could
Birth a winter foal or smash ships  
And men to oblivion –  whose mercy
Came in mild droughts
In summer rains

In the name of Ba’al Hammon did
Learned loving parents put their children
To the knife and when completely bled
They burned the tiny bodies
Till their little ones were
No more than ash
For the offering

We may be wise not to trust the Romans or
To want to think of slaughtered babes but
Now we know how easy it can be for any
Learned loving empire to sacrifice its children
For imagined safety
In exchange for nothing
But an idea

April 28th - Parabolas

Seven of Hearts - Parabolas

The Use of Calculators

You giggle with your friends
About a raunchy program 
Someone coded and was
Passed around to almost 
Everyone’s advanced machine

Your teacher doesn’t turn around but
Clears his tired throat and tugs
The collar of his short-sleeved shirt
He wonders where there could be 
Humor in parabolas

Friday, April 27, 2018

April 27th - Black Holes

Jack of Clubs - Black Holes

Sometimes you are so crushed
By the density of your own
Mass that it seems impossible
For light to enter anywhere

But if you dive head-first into 
The Blackness you can open
Your eyes to the dazzling of
Galaxies never before seen

April 26th - The Big Bang Theory

Two of Clubs - The Big Bang Theory

The Seagull in the Auditorium 

The moment you see the gun
On the classroom desk
Lit conspicuously 
Made of papier-mâché
You can picture the teenager
Responsible for the big bang 
In the final act backstage waiting
Stomach upset bouncing knees 
Gripping their wooden plank
As if it were the most important thing
In the universe

Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 25th - The XFL

Three of Diamonds - The XFL

Ball / Control

The concept of 100 million dollars
Becomes real as soon you spend it 
Aware of growth potential but really 
Yearning for control of 
The bodies of better men
You work to take away their options
You want to be the reason that they stand

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 24th - Imagine Dragons

Eight of Hearts - Imagine Dragons

A gecko bolts across
Your bedroom floor and 
Suddenly you wonder what
Caused someone to
First imagine dragons

April 23rd - Twin Paradox

Jack of Diamonds - Twin Paradox

I stand still
Faster than I can comprehend
You continue buzzing l
Am in the same place but you
Keep moving while
My limbs freeze and my
Face drops you keep moving
Away and once you finally
Come back around
I am still

Monday, April 23, 2018

April 22nd - Shea Stadium

Queen of Clubs - Shea Stadium

One Moment, Shea Stadium

It still exists in sense memories
Unsubtle smells of sneakers
And Spring and hot dog water
Cigarettes and layer
Upon layer of lead paint
Aged and mixed to somehow
If by alchemy transform to
Something pleasant and profound
A carrier of old sounds - snippets 
Of Gary Glitter songs of organ music
The comforting unsettling way
Thirty-three thousand voices can 
Disappear and chant as one
And then of course
My grandmother’s voice

I can hear her now 
As I softly pound my fist against
My kitchen wall and I pretend
That this is really orange plastic
Cool and smooth and tensile
That I am testing how it bends
Watching how it moves against
My tiny fist

Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 21st - Rick Santorum

Two of Hearts - Rick Santorum

Google “What is Santorum”

If you personified your leading hit
You couldn’t be more full of shit